K REL="fontdef" SRC="VI_Arial.pfr"> LAM SON 719 (IX)

Indochina Monographs


by Maj. Gen. Nguyen Duy Hinh

Published by U.S. Army Center Of Military History



by Maj. Gen. Nguyen Duy Hinh



Hq, I Corps

I Corps Arty

64th Arty Bn

1st ALC I Corps

71st Med Gp
I Corps Sig Bn
1st MP Bn
111th Trans Co
116th Trans Co
118th Trans Co

1st Armored Bde

7th ACS
11th ACS
17th ACS
4th ACS (Prov) (OPCON) (D+40)
lst/3d Armored Cav
lst/8th Armored Cav

1st Ranger Gp (+)

21st Rngr Bn
37th Rngr Bn
39th Rngr Bn
77th Rngr Border Defense Bn
3d Co 79th Rngr Border Defense Bn

10th Engr Gp

101st Engr Bn (OPCON to Abn Div)
102d Engr Bn
118th Engr LC Co

1st Inf Div

  • 1st Inf Div Arty
    • 48th Arty Bn (-)
      • B/l1 (105)
      • B/48 (155)
      • C/10 (155)
    • 14th Arty Bn (-)
      • A/48 (155)
    • 62d Arty Bn
      • A/62 (105)
      • B/14 (105)
      • C/48 (155)
    • 11th Arty Bn (-)
      • C/11 (105)
      • A/10 (155)
  • 1st Engr Bn
  • 1st Med Bn
  • 1st Sig Bn
  • 1st Log Bn

  • 1st Regt
    • 1st Bn, Ist Inf Regt
    • 2d Bn, 1st Inf Regt
    • 3d Bn, 1st Inf Regt
    • 4th Bn, 1st Inf Regt

  • 2d Regt
    • 1st Bn, 2d Inf Regt (OPCON 54th Regt D+53 to D+68)
    • 2d Bn, 2d Inf Regt
    • 3d Bn, 2d Inf Regt
    • 4th Bn, 2d Inf Regt
    • 5th Bn, 2d Inf Regt

  • 3d Regt
    • 1st Bn, 3d Inf Regt
    • 2d Bn, 3d Inf Regt
    • 3d Bn, 3d Inf Regt
    • 4th Bn, 3d Inf Regt

  • 54th Inf Regt
    • 1st Bn, 54th Regt
    • 2d Bn, 54th Regt
    • 4th Bn, 54th Regt

Abn Div (+) (OPCON)

  • Abn Div Arty (-)
    • 44th Arty Bn (155)

  • 1st Abn Med Bn
  • 1st Abn Service Bn
  • 1st Abn Signal Bn
  • 1st Abn Bde
    • 1st Abn Bn
    • 8th Abn Bn
    • 9th Abn Bn
    • 1st Arty Bn

  • 2d Abn Bde
    • 5th Abn Bn
    • 7th Abn Bn
    • 11th Abn Bn
    • 2d Arty Bn

  • Abn Bde
    • 2d Abn Bn
    • 3d Abn Bn
    • 6th Abn Bn
    • 3d Arty Bn

Marine Division (OPCON)

  • Hq Bn
  • Service Bn
  • Medical Bn
  • A Btry, 48th Arty Bn (-) (155)
  • 147th Bde (D+1)
    • 2d Inf Bn
    • 4th Inf Bn
    • 7th Inf Bn
    • 2d Arty Bn
    • C Btry, 20th Arty Bn (155)

  • 258th Bde
    • 1st Inf Bn
    • 3d Inf Bn
    • 8th Inf Bn
    • 3d Arty Bn
    • D Btry, 48th Arty Bn (-) (155)

  • 369th Bde (D+32)
    • 5th Inf Bn
    • 6th Inf Bn
    • 9th Inf Bri
    • 1st Arty Bn

5th Inf Regt, 2d Inf Div
1st Bn, 5th Inf Regt
2d Bn, 5th Inf Regt



Hq, XXIV Corps

  • 108th Arty Gp
    • 8th En1 4th Arty
    • 2d En, 94th Arty
    • 1st En, 39th Arty (-) (D+30)
    • 1st En, 44th Arty AWSP (-)
  • 45th Engr Gp (OPCON D-13 to D+23)
    • 14th Engr En (CBT)
      • 630th Engr Co (LW)
      • 511th Engr Co (PB)
      • 59th Engr Co (-) (LC)
    • 27th Engr En (CBT) (-)
      • 59lst Engr Co (LE)

  • 504th MP Bn (-)
    • 300th MP Co (OPCON)

  • 212th CAB
    • 13lst Surv Aerial Co
    • 220th Recon Airplane Co

101st Abn Div (Ambl) (-)

  • 101st Abn Div Arty (-)
    • 2d Bn (Ambi) 11th Arty
    • 2d Bn (Ambi) 319th Arty
    • 4th Bn, 77th AFA (Ambi)
      Co B, 326th Engr Bn (Ambl)

  • 1st Bde, 101st Abn Div (Ambl) (Res)
  • 3d Bde, 101st Abn Div (Ambl) (D+30 to D+67)
    • 1st Bn, 501st Abn Inf (D+25 to D+67)
    • 2d Bn, 502 Abn Inf (OPCON 3d Bde, 101st Abn Div) (D+26 to D+67)
    • 1st Bn, 506th Abn Inf (D+47 to D+67)
    • 2d Bn, 327th Abn Inf (D+29 to D+48)

  • TF 326th (-) (OPCON) (D-1 to D+67)
    • Co A, 326th Engr Bn (Ambl) (+)
    • 59th EOD Det (-)

101st Combat Aviation Group
  • 101st Avn Bn (AH) (Ambl)(D-1 to D+67)
  • 158th Avn Bn (AH) (Ambl)(D-1 to D+67)
  • 159th Avn bn (AH) (Ambl)(D-1 to D+67)
  • 5th Trans Bn (D-l to D+67)
  • 14th Avn Bn (OPCON) D+2 to D+63)
    • 71st AHC (D+25 to D+59)
    • 116th AHC (D+34 to D+36 & D+50 to D+53)
    • 174th AHC (D+25 to D+67)
    • 132d ASHC (D+25 to D+63)

223d Avn Bn HHC (OPCON) (D+2 to D+67)
  • 48th AHC (D+2 to D+67)
  • 173d AHC (D+2 to D+67)
  • 282d AHC (D+34 to D+36 & D+50 to D+51)
  • 235th AWC (D+38 to D+56)
  • 238th AWC (D+2 to D+56)
  • D/227th AWC (D+28 to D+66)
  • 179th ASHC (D+23 to D+66)
  • 756th Med

2d Sqdn (Ambl), 17th Air Cav
C/7/17 Cav Sqdn (OPCON)
B/7/1 Cav Sqdn (OPCON)

67th Med Gp

237th Med Det
571st Med Det

34th Can Spt Gp (-)

34th Avn Det (DS)
34th Co Spt Gp (AM&S)

58th Trans Bn

610th SG Trans Co
14 2d DS Trans Co
263d GS Avel Co

MHHS 463d, 1st MAW (OPCON D+1)

1st Bde, 5th Inf Div (Mech) (+) (OPCON 101st Abn Div (Ambl) D+32 to D+67)

  • 1st En, 11th Inf (Mech)
  • 3d Bn, 187th Abn Inf, 101st Abn Div (OPCON D-1 to D+67)
  • 1st Bn, 61st Inf (Mech) (OPCON 101st Abn Div (Ambl) D+26 to D+31 and D+57 to D+67) (11th Bde, 23d Div D+32 to D+56)
  • 3d Sqdn, 5th Cav
  • 1st Bn, 77th Armor
  • 5th Bn, 4th Arty (DS)
  • 1st Bn, 82d Arty (-) 23d Div (Atch) (DS) (D-1)
  • Co A, 4th Bn, 12th Armor
  • Co A, 7th Engr
  • Co P, 75th Ranger
  • 298th Sign Co
  • Co B, 23d Med Bn, 23d Div (OPCON D+31 to D+48)
  • 75th Support Bn
  • Trp F, 8th Cav (OPCON D+2 to D+67)

11th Bde, 23d Inf Div (OPCON 101st Abn Div (Ambl) D+32 to D+66)
  • 1st Sqdn, 1st Cav (OPCON 1st Bde, 5th Inf Div (Mech) D-1 to D+56) (OPCON 101st Abn Div (Ambl D+67)
  • 2d Bn, 1st Inf (D+21)
  • 4th Bn, 3d Inf, 23d Inf Div (OPCON 1st Bde, 5th Inf Div (Mech) D-1 to D+56)
  • H Troop, 17th Cav
  • Co C, 26th Engr Bn
  • 6th Bn, 11th Arty (-)
    • Btry C, 1st Bn, 82d Arty
    • Btry C, 6th Bn, 11th Arty
    • Btry A, 3d Bn, 82d Arty
  • 11th Spt En (Prov)

  • 26th GSG
    • 8th Trans Gp
      • 39th Trans Bn
      • 57th Trans Bn
      • Co C, 11th Motor Trans En (+)
    • 2d Maint Bn
    • 63d Maint Bn
    • FSA Maint Bn
    • FSA 26-1
    • FSA 26-2


AAA Antiaircraft Artillery
AA/AW Antiaircraft Automatic Weapon
ABN Airborne
AFCCC Air Force Command and Control Center
AHB Assault Helicopter Battalion
ALC Area Logistics Command
ARVN Army of the Republic of Vietnam
ASHB Assault Support Helicopter Battalion
ASRT Air Support Radar Team
BSA Base Support Area
BDA Bomb Damage Assessment
CAB Combat Assault Battalion
CIDG Civil Irregular Defense Group
CINCSAC Commander in Chief, Strategic Air Command
COMUSMACV Commander, U.S. Military Assistance Command, Vietnam
DASC Direct Air Support Center
DMZ Demilitarized Zone
FAC Forward Air Controller
FDC Fire Direction Center
FSA Forward Support Area
FSB Fire Support Base
FSCC Fire Support Coordination Center
GSG General Support Group
HES Hamlet Evaluation System
JGS Joint General Staff (VN)
JCG Joint Coordinating Group
JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff (U.S.)
KIA Killed-in-Action
LAW Light Anti-Tank Weapon
LOC Line of Communication
LZ Landing Zone
MACV Military Assistance Command, Vietnam
MIA Missing-In-Action
MR Military Region
NVA North Vietnamese Army
PHILCAG Philippine Civic Action Group
POW Prisoner of War
PSP Pierced Steel Planking
PZ Pick Up Zone
RVN Republic of Vietnam
RVNAF Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces
TACP Tactical Air Control Party
USAF United States Air Force
USN United States Navy
USNS United States Navy Ship
WIA Wounded-In-Action

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